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Pearl Harbor at 0755 Sunday 7 December 1941

Pearl Harbor at 0755 Sunday 7 December 1941 map

Key to chart of Pearl Harbor (Reading NW to SE in nests of ships):

  1. Destroyer-minecraft Ramsay, Gamble, Montgomery;
  2. Destroyer-minecraft Trever, Breese, Zane, Perrv, Wasmuth;
  3. Destroyers Monaghan, Farragut, Dale, Aylwin;
  4. Destroyers Henley, Patterson, Ralph Talbot;
  5. Destroyers Selfridge, Case, Tucker, Reid, Conyngham; tender Whitney;
  6. Destroyers Phelps, Macdonough, Worden, Dewey, Hull; tender Dobbin;
  7. Submarines Narwhal, Dolphin, Tautog; seaplane tenders Thornton, Hulbert;
  8. Destroyers Jarvi's and Mugford (inside Argonne and Sacramento);
  9. Destroyer Cummings; destroyer-minelayers Preble, Tracy, Pruitt, Sicard; destroyer Schley; minesweeper Grebe;
  10. Minesweepers Bobolink, Vireo, Turkey, Rail, Tern. Other auxiliaries, not shown, were moored up West Loch. There were also several tugs and yard craft, not shown. in the area of the chart.

Drawn by Robert M. Berish for The Rising Sun in the Pacific, courtesy of Naval Historical Center.

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