Father WWII

PBY Catalena flown in VPB-92

My father, Cdr. Theodore Hechler, Jr. (US Navy Retired) graduated from the US Naval Accademy, Annapolis, MD in 1940. Later he earned his wings (I remember seeing a pin like this one). His unit in WWII was VPB–92, a Patrol/Bombing Squad.

Read a fascinating personal
account by a squadron mate.

“Known as Catalina, Canso and Nomad, the PBY was one of the U.S. Navy’s most useful aircraft during WWII, with more produced than any other craft before or since....”

A PBY that either crashed or was washed ashore during a typhoon on the island of
Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.
Source: From The Hagensieker's Home Page at http://www.urban.ne.jp/ome/jhagensi/hpage/pby.htm

“Approximately 3,300 PBY types were produced during the war for various services and Allies. At their peak employment, the PBY’s equipped 29 U.S. patrol squadrons.”

“Naval Aircraft: Catalina.” Naval Aviation News. June 1972.

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